Bicycle Removal Policy

The responsible officer for this policy is the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services.

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Objective/Rationale: Bicycles that are locked so that ingress/egress is impeded, locked to handrails, or in the way of disability accessible entrances pose hazards, especially to those with disabilities. Bicycles left on racks for extended periods of time become trip hazards, are  unsightly,  and use spaces needed by campus cyclists.

Policy Statement: In the interest of providing the campus community with a safe, healthy and accessible environment, UIC encourages the use of bicycle transportation. The campus provides racks for securing bicycles in designated locations that neither impede disability or paths of travel nor violate fire and safety standards in case of emergencies.

UIC reserves the right to remove bicycles considered to be abandoned or those found in locations that impede disability access, paths of travel and potentially violate fire and safety standards. The campus assigns this responsibility  to the Vice Chancellor for Administrative  Services.

Applicability: (location,  group,  subject as appropriate)  Campus wide Chicago site

Definitions or Clarification of Terms: Conditions relating to the status of a parked bicycle warranting  removal  are divided  into 3 categories:

1.)  Emergency Safety Hazard – subject to immediate removal when:

    • Determined by the UIC Police or Environmental Health and Safety office
    • Attached within a wheelchair ramp/impeding ADA access
    • Blocking a pathway/building entrance
    • Impeding emergency services

2.) Potential  Safety Hazard  – subject to removal  by close of business the day after reported  when:

    • Attached to a stairwell handrail
    • Attached inside a building
    • Locked in an unauthorized location (something other than a bicycle rack)
    • Impeding care and maintenance of grounds

3.) Abandoned  bicycle – subject to removal after two weeks  when:

    • Significantly Rusted or
    • Inoperable or
    • Left in one place for more than 30 Days

4.) The “Abandoned Bicycle Manager” is designated  as the Warehouse  Manager, who will  keep a manifest of all bicycles  removed.  Warehouse phone is (312) 996-1038.

Related Statutes, Policies, Requirements, Standards or Guidelines: Law Enforcement Disposition of Property Act (LEDPA)

Procedure: Preface – In order to heighten awareness of the abandoned bike policy on a regular basis, Vice Chancellor Administrative Services (VCAS) will send out Official Reminders to the university during the first two weeks of the new academic year and one month before the end of the academic year. These reminders will provide information about what constitutes an emergency hazard, a potential hazard and an abandoned bicycle, and information on how to make a report and retrieve a removed bicycle.

1.) Reporting Emergency Safety Hazard is as follows:

    • During the hours of 7:20 a.m-4:30 p.m. calls regarding all safety hazard or abandoned bicycle issues can be made to Facilities Customer Support at (312) 996-7511 or email
    • Between the hours of 4:30 p.m.-7:20 a.m., calls regarding safety hazards can be made to the Building Engineers – West side: (312) 996-2818, East side: (312) 996-2871.
    • A Notice of Bicycle Removal shall be attached to abandoned bicycles, potential hazards and emergency safety hazards:
      • SR# – fill in Service Request number in blank provided
      • Date – date the bicycle will be removed according to its status (abandoned, safety/potential safety hazard as detailed in Definitions Section).
      • Contact Information for bicycle retrieval
      • If the bicycle has a UIC Police registration sticker (typically located  on the  post) or other registration, the Grounds Department will call the UIC Police general number at (312) 996-2830.
      • Email should include the registration number, the location and condition of the bicycle, and the SR#.
      • Removal of Bicycles shall be done by Facilities Management personnel.
      • Bike may be held at Transportation Building (bldg. 611 garage) if necessary until it can be taken to the warehouse (i.e. if a bicycle was removed between the hours of 5:30 pm and 6 am).
      • All other bicycles removed will be taken to the Warehouse in a Grounds vehicle by Grounds staff.
      • Removed Bicycles will be stored in the secure cage in the Warehouse.
      • Bicycles will be stored for a minimum of 90 days, and thereafter will be purged from inventory by Abandoned Bicycle Manager.

2.)  When a bicycle is determined to be a potential safety hazard, all procedures set forth in Section 1 above apply.

3.) When a bicycle is determined to be abandoned, all procedures set forth in Section 1 apply.

4.) To retrieve their bicycle from inventory, owner must:

    • Provide Bicycle Retrieval Form including: Description of the bicycle (serial number if available, color, unique characteristics) and location where the bicycle was left.
      • Make an appointment with the Abandoned Bicycle Manager at (312) 996-2877

5.) Storage Fee Assessment:

    • Any bicycle retrieved within two weeks of removal shall not be assessed a storage fee.
    • Any bicycle that is stored for greater than the first two weeks may be assessed a $20 per month storage fee.
    • Any bicycle that has been stored and not redeemed after the first two weeks is considered abandoned.

6.) Storage Fee Appeal:

    • Owners of bicycles who have been assessed a storage fee may appeal this fee.
    • Appeals are to be made to the Associate Director of Facilities Mgmt.

7.) Forms:

    • Notice of Bicycle Removal will be attached to bicycles will be used to notify owner that the bicycle will be removed and why.
    • Bicycle Retrieval Form will be used by those whose bicycles have been impounded to retake possession of them.

8.) Review Date: Five years from Approval  Date

Group Impact or Special Concerns: Facilities Management, Disability Resource Center, the Bike Advisory Meeting at UIC, College of Cycling student group, Environmental Health and Safety Office, UIC Police, Faculty Senate Subcommittee on Buildings and Grounds, Office of Sustainability and Campus Parking raised no special concerns about this policy.

Approved by Paula Allen-Meares – Chancellor, 7/2/2014