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In an effort to keep UIC safe and clean, university staff has the authority to remove abandoned bicycles or issue an emergency bicycle removal in case a safety hazard is presented.

What constitutes an abandoned bicycle?

  • Significantly rusted
  • Inoperable
  • Left in one place for more than 30 days

What constitutes an emergency safety hazard?

  • Deemed to be am emergency hazard by the UIC Police or Environmental Health and Safety staff
  • Attached within a wheelchair ramp
  • Blocking a pathway/building entrance
  • Impeding emergency services

What constitutes a potential safety hazard?

  • Deemed to be a potential hazard by the UIC Police or Environmental Health and Safety staff
  • Attached to a stairwell handrail
  • Attached inside of a building
  • Locked in an unauthorized location
  • Impedes care and maintenance of grounds

Bicycle Removal Policy

Report an abandoned bicycle Heading link

How do I report an abandoned bike or a bike that is a safety hazard?

  • Send an email to
  • Provide a description of the bicycle including color, make and model, unique characteristics
  • Describe the location as precisely as you can (which building, which side of building, rack number, etc.)

My bike has been identified Heading link

What happens if my bike has been identified as abandoned or a safety hazard?

  • If your bicycle has been deemed abandoned, staff will attach a Bicycle Removal Notice, which gives you two weeks to contact UIC Police non-emergency at (312) 996-2830 and inform them that the bike is not abandoned.
  • If your bicycle has been deemed an emergency safety hazard, your bicycle is subject to immediate removal. Potential safety hazards will be removed within 24 hours.

View the Bicycle Removal Notice

My bicycle has been removed, now what? Heading link

In all cases, you will need to call the UIC Warehouse at (312) 996-2877 to schedule an appointment to retrieve your bicycle. To retrieve your bicycle you will need to provide:

  • Completed Bicycle Retrieval Form
  • Description of the bike (color, unique characteristics such as decals)
  • Description of where the bike was located prior to removal
  • Serial number, if available

If your bicycle has been stored for more than two weeks, a $20 storage fee per month will be assessed. This fee should be paid by a check made payable to the University of Illinois.

If you wish to appeal this fee, please contact Eric Phillips, Interim Director of Transportation/Garage Operations at

All bicycles will be purged from storage no less than 90 days after they have been collected. UIC is neither responsible nor liable for any bicycle that has been purged from storage after 90 days.

Printable Bicycle Retrieval Form