Coverage Area and Hours

Unlike our other complementary services (Night Ride/Trade Shuttle), the Para-transit service shall not constrain itself to the common boundaries set forth along the perimeter of the established campus grounds, but shall (as mandated by ADA/FTA) extend its service footprint ¾ of a mile beyond the furthest reach of our fixed route service, including direct service to the University of Illinois Chicago School of Law Plymouth Court entrance.

Hours of Operation

The hours of operation for our para-transit service extend beyond that which is mandated by law (must mirror fixed route service). As we offer 24/7 transportation services to our staff and students, the UIC para-transit service shall also operate overnight, on weekends, and on holidays for scheduled passengers and will accept “on demand” or emergency requests via our call center (weekend) or Night Ride dispatch service (overnight). It is important to note that “on demand” service requested during these circumstances will not be bound by the interval window used for scheduled service. Schedules submitted on Saturday for Sunday para-transit service will be directly accommodated, and not considered “on demand”. Office hours are Mon-Fri 4:00AM-11:00PM. Fixed route (Bus) hours are from 7:00AM-11:00PM.