Cancellations and No-Shows

It is the policy of the University of Illinois Chicago Transportation that Para-transit passengers who establish a pattern or practice of excessive “No-Shows” or “Late Cancellations” shall be subject to suspension of Service. This policy is necessary in order to recognize the negative impact “Late Cancellations” and/or “No Shows” have on the service provided to other passengers as well as the cost of providing Para-transit Services.

A passenger is considered a “No Show” if the passenger(s) fails to board or fails to be ready to board at the scheduled pick-up location when the driver has waited 5 minutes or more during the established window for service.

A passenger is considered a “Late Cancellation” if the passenger(s) cancels scheduled Para-transit Service at any time one (1) hour or less before the beginning of the passenger’s scheduled pickup window.

Any combination of four (4) Late Cancellations or No Shows in any consecutive thirty (30) day period will be deemed “excessive” and is defined as a “violation” of policy. Passengers with excessive Late Cancellations/No-Shows will be subject to temporary suspension of service. Please note considerations for the number of violations will be made for more frequent users of the service, providing the number of violations do not exceed 10% of the total trips taken.